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About Us

Newcastle Photo Archive, previously West Newcastle Picture History Collection, is an independent voluntary organisation set up in 1984 to collect and maintain an archive of images illustrating the heritage and history of west Newcastle.

It now covers the city centre as far as the central motorway, expanding as the photo collections grows. The archive currently covers the suburbs of Arthurs Hill, Bells Close, Benwell, Blakelaw, Blucher, Cowgate, Denton Burn, Elswick, Fenham, Kenton, Lemington, Newbiggin Hall, Newburn, North Walbottle, Scotswood, Spital Tongues, Summerhill, Throckley, West Denton, Westerhope and Whorlton. In addition we hold hundreds of images of the Vickers Armstrong works at Elswick and Scotswood, as well as many 'orphan' photos of things outside our area.

We are based at The West End Customer Service Centre and Library on Condercum Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 9JH. Visit us on Mondays (only) between 10am and 4pm.

Copies of images in the collection can be purchased as photocopies, prints or electronically.

We also maintain photographic displays at the following locations:

Cruddas Park library, Kenton library, West End library, West Denton Library (Currently closed), Blakelaw library and Newburn Library.

Presentations can be provided upon request.

(Copyright) Newcastle Photo Archive are happy for you to share digital images within the spirit of The Commons. Please cite & quote when re-using. Certain restrictions on commercial use of the original physical version apply though, if you're unsure please e-mail

Notice and Take Down Policy: It is the policy of the archive to promptly to suspend access to photographs that are subject to complaint while that complaint is verified.

If you believe you own the copyright to any photograph in our Collection please ask us for a specific document to record your complaint which should then be posted to:

The Secretary
Newcastle Photo Archive
West End Library
Condercum Road
Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 9JH

These about pages were designed with the voluntary help of Jack Upton and we are extremely grateful for his time and effort.

New website was made in 2019 by Craig Rothwell (archive software is available for anyone to use, email me