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Prices are (all high quality photo paper): £2.50 postcard sized, £4 Greeting card, £5 A4 print, £10 Large A3+ print (329mm x 483mm aka 13" x 19")

Postage & packing cost is fixed at £3.50 (letter or tube which can fit through a letterbox).

Photos can be selected from the archive on the main page with the search option. There are thousands of photos to choose from.

We have a set of 9 'Then and Now' greeting cards which come as a set, you can have these by just paying the postage (UK ONLY - ONE set per person).
Click the images to view them. You can also download 4 of them to print at home!
Card 1 front, Card 1 inside, Card 2 front, Card 2 inside, Card 3 front, Card 3 inside, Card 4 front, Card 4 inside.

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We will do our best to make images fit the chosen size. Greeting cards & postcards will be the exact size of the image. A4 and A3+ will be cut to fit the image in the correct aspect with us making it as large as possible. Some images might not be high enough quality for an A3+ print. If we have any issues we will contact you.

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