Newcastle Photo Archive


Contact & Donations

Donating £5 will give you will get access to the photos in their original resolution without a watermark and also requests for bespoke archive searches and results. You can also add to and suggest edits to the online map & archive.

The donation goes towards running the archive itself which is entirely operated by volunteers.

Donating actual photos or documents will also get you full access to the archive.

We are currently raising money for an A3/2 scanner and printer to archive our bigger photos/maps.

£5 is the usual donation but anything more/less is greatly appreciated (whatever you can afford)!

Once you donate you will be brought back to the website and it will be watermark free. We will also email you a login link, but be aware this is a volunteer lead archive and 'thank you' emails may take a little time to arrive.

If you want to enquire about licensing an image for a publication please email us.

New photographs & information are always welcome, also general enquiries can be made to the following:


Tel: 07432 137990

Write: c/o The West End Service Centre and Library, Condercum Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 9JH.

Visit: At the above address on a Monday between 10am and 4pm.

We have an old Flickr too:

We would welcome feedback about this website. Please send your comments, good and bad, to Ian Farrier at

Take Down:
We rely on people donating pictures to know the copyright status of them. If we have accidentally posted a picture you believe you own and want removed from the website please contact us.

Thank you.